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Meet Our Board of Directors

At Millionlogics, we are proud to have a talented and diverse team of professionals who bring passion and creativity to the table daily. With a wide array of backgrounds and expertise, our Board of Directors are uniquely positioned to create innovative solutions that help businesses reach their goals.

Our Executive Team brings decades of experience in technology, business development, marketing, finance, and operations – all with a commitment to excellence in customer service.


At Millionlogics, we believe in collaboration - everyone has an open-door policy that encourages teamwork between all departments. We strive to create an environment where ideas can be shared freely, and new solutions can be developed quickly.


To get to know our Team better, please take a look at our individual profiles below:

Mr. Krishna Yerra - Executive Director

Krishna Yerra is our Executive Director and the Leader of Millionlogics. He was born in India and moved to the UK as a British citizen, bringing with him an extensive background spanning multiple industries. His career began at IBM, India, where he served as a Technical Associate. Prior to that, he obtained his Master's in Information Technology.

Mr. Yerra is an Oracle Certified and DELL EMC Certified Professional; he has a wealth of knowledge in data technology and software product development.

As an Oracle Leader, Mr. Yerra has successfully completed several projects and always maintains the highest possible standards. His strategic direction drives Millionlogics to success, and his belief that anything can be learned and achieved is a key part of our team spirit.

He is renowned for his mentoring and Team leadership skills, which have been demonstrated in many successful projects throughout his career. Mr. Yerra is passionate about creating collaborative solutions tailored to the client’s needs and works tirelessly to ensure they are met.

He has successfully led and managed numerous projects from start to completion across a variety of fields and continues to bring innovation and creative solutions to Millionlogics through his leadership abilities. Krishna’s commitment to excellence has allowed Millionlogics to reach new heights of success that would not have been possible without his contributions.

Krishna is looking forward to making a significant difference to your business and he is reachable at

We are proud to have him as part of our Team!

Krishna Yerra_edited.png

Mrs. Kavitha Yerra - Executive Director


Kavitha Yerra is our Executive Director and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Millionlogics team. She has over six years of experience in the fields of microloans, business loans, credit risk management, business development, management information systems, and team management.

Mrs. Yerra previously held positions at BASIX (Hyderabad, India), Fullerton India Credit Company Limited (Hyderabad, India), and FINO PayTech Limited (Hyderabad, India). Her diverse set of skills allows her to efficiently manage projects from start to finish with ease. She has in-depth knowledge and experience regarding loans against properties, stock hypothecation, and personal loans.

Mrs. Yerra is a people person and is adept at building strong relationships with her Team. She has a proven track record of working successfully with clients and other stakeholders, resulting in the successful completion of their projects. She also has an eye for detail and is well-versed in financial statement analysis.

At Millionlogics, Mrs. Yerra plays the role of an inspirational leader who mentors her Team to reach organizational goals. Her expertise in financial statement analysis helps our company make sound decisions concerning investments and financial management. Mrs. Yerra excels at resolving conflicts between colleagues by acting as a mediator and ensuring that all parties are satisfied with the outcome.

We are lucky to have Mrs. Yerra as part of the Millionlogics team and are confident that she will continue leading our company toward success. We believe her experience and expertise, combined with her passion for helping people, make her an invaluable asset to our Team.

With Kavitha in charge, we know that Millionlogics is on a path toward continued growth and success!

If you think together to make significant growth of your business, Kavitha is looking forward to hearing from you at

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