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The need for IT solutions in UK's defence sector is steadily increasing as well. In the years to come, this need is set to grow more and more with modern warfare becoming increasingly dependent on information.

Defence Digital, which is a part of the Ministry of Defence's Strategic Command, is the leading example of how IT can make a difference in warfare. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for leading the Defence Digital team. In addition to leading Defence DIgital, it's also the CIO's responsibility to put effective digital and information technology (D&IT) into the front lines in the business and military sectors.

The areas within Defence Digital's remit are as follows:

  • Supplying IT solutions to 200,000 end users spanning the defence sector

  • Leading on defensive policies, capability development and strategy related to the cyber world

  • Enhancing digital information exploitation and innovation spanning the defence sector

  • Supporting the Ministry of Defence's military operations across the globe

  • Providing support to more than 2,000 defence sites spanning the globe and the UK

  • Integrating performance management, planning, and strategy

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